STASIS intertwines a gruesome narrative with retro adventure gameplay. Combine items, interact with computers and solve puzzles while experiencing the gritty atmosphere.


In the distant future, aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft, John Maracheck awakes from stasis. He must push himself to new physical and emotional limits and unravel the mysteries around him.

John is in tremendous pain, his wife and daughter are missing, and time is running out as the Groomlake plunges further into the swirling blue methane clouds of Neptune…

“STASIS is the best adventure game I’ve played in years. It’s also one of the most impressive horror games I’ve played lately. The tiny team behind it have done remarkable things, far in excess of what many, much larger studios seem capable of. Those studios should be afraid – be very afraid.” ROCK PAPER SHOTGUN


“The game’s atmosphere is thick with tension, but it’s not trying to make you sweat the whole time, so the few moments it breaks things up and hits you with something shocking, it really works.” KOTAKU

“It’s more than just “good for an indie game”, it’s a mandatory experience for fans of sci-fi horror.” 9/10 – IGN




Stasis is not a game with any big ideas: it’s blessedly stripped-down, grubby horror that will tear your soul apart.


by Gameplanet Australia “Stasis one of the best point-and-click adventure games of the past two decades.”


by Gameblast “As a fan of horror games, I can say that Stasis was the only title in the last 5 years that made me really scared. The game held my attention from beginning to end, I couldn’t wait to get home and play it. Fans of point and clicks and horror games will be in ecstasy with Stasis.”


by Adventure Gamers, “STASIS is a memorable slice of sci-fi horror, making up for its somewhat derivative plot with detailed worldbuilding, stellar graphics and immersive sound.”


“Stasis captures the feel and essence of popular older titles, but presents an attention to horrifying atmosphere and detail in the way only a modern title can.”


by Playing Daily, “Incredible level design, very good audio mix and a gripping story.” [POLISH SITE]


“rarely a character point ‘n click will seem so alive, so human.” [FRENCH SITE]


by That Videogame Blog, “There could be more terrifying games out there, but for an indie point-and-click game and a debut title, Stasis highly impresses…”


by Gamer Headlines, “If your drug is Horror games or Point-and-Click Adventures, or just looking for that game that surely will stay with you even after the end, Stasis is worth every cent of your money.”


by Rare Horror,” It’s scary, it’s smart, it has a dark sense of humor, and it has soul.”


True Gaming (.net)


by Game Over, “Stasis charm is undeniable.” [GREEK SITE]


by Oyungezer,” A great narration and unique with an amazing atmosphere.”


by pgg, “All the time keeps you in suspense and refreshes its brand.”




by New Transcendence, “Stasis absolutely transcends what has become the norm of point-and-click adventure gaming. It should not only be known for that, but awarded and rewarded for it.”


by Freedom CGC, “It showcases that there is a lot of life left in classic adventure game design and that you do not need a big budget to create a game with a rich atmosphere. This is a science fiction horror game of a rarer breed, it doesn’t seek to scare you at every moment, but rather it tries to build up an eerie, macabre mood and get into your head. A resounding success in that regard, Stasis is a grim game that grabs your attention and holds it until the very end.”


by Kickstart Ventures, “Stasis is a solid game that will grip you in such a way that you’ll feel the horror the main character is experiencing as if it were your own.”


by Bit Cultures, “Fans of terror and the macabre will definitely appreciate the world of Stasis.”


“The art in Stasis is gorgeously haunting, and it’s worth playing just for the setting.”


by Bloody Disgusting, “If you’re a horror fan looking for a game that conveys perfectly pitched tension and terror without overwhelming you with complex combat, Stasis is an understated and unsettling experience not to be missed.”


by Jeuxvideo24


The most gruesome moments are draped in shadow or displayed in mercifully small size on the screen—the most anxiety-inducing exception being a hideously clear scene of self-surgery—but they’re made all the more vivid by the use of sound and text. It’s rare for these three aspects to become symbiotic, but Stasis inextricably links them together into an organism both beautiful and horrifying.


Stasis proves that, while it might not be especially scary, it is horrifying, and one of the grimmest, most disturbed games in recent memory.–224842


by NAG “Stasis has earned its place amongst the sci-fi horror classics.”


by RAGEQUIT “STASIS is an intricately crafted adventure game that plays skillfully on the borders of horror and science fiction. Rational puzzles and elaborate world building will accompany you, while you plunge more and more intro decadence and decay. THE BROTHEHOOD should be proud of their achievement, given the fact that a lot of crowd funded adventures keep falling short of expectations, one by one…”


by OPNOOBS “Stasis blindsided me. For a game that has been in the oven for nearly five years (produced by master chef Christopher Bischoff), I only recently came across ANY materials referencing it. I guess that makes me the luckiest bastard west of the Pecos.”


by Game Watcher


by Gamekult




by anaitgames “In STASIS I contemplated things I had never seen in a game, and part of me would not like to meet again” [SPANISH SITE]


by 1ndieworld “STASIS is undoubtedly the gem of independent games and one of the best productions in which I had the opportunity to play this year.”


by “Terrifying, challenging and disturbing, STASIS is a nightmarish descent into the unknown and the kind of horror game that stays with you even when the end credits have rolled.”

9.2 / 10

by – “This is a lethal, dark place that you are stuck in and the game reminds you of this a few times, egging you on in a non-too-subtle way. Death lurks around the corner, making that save button rather welcome, especially after solving a dastardly puzzle.”

9 / 10

by GoneWithTheWin.Com “STASIS is an impressive destined-to-be classic that should be on most gamer’s shopping lists this Fall”


by Destructoid “STASIS is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had from gaming in quite a while.”


by Softpedia “STASIS is a good video game that will appeal to those who like both the adventure game space and the classic science fiction franchises that deal with corporate greed and with the failings of humanity.”

4.5 / 5

by Pennyworth Reviews “A disturbing but masterful love letter to sci-fi, horror and traditional adventure games”

8.5 / 10

by INDIEGAMERS(UK) “For fans of adventure games, STASIS is a must-play.”


INDIEGAMERS (COM) “As an unsettling experience with some interesting puzzles, Stasis will please.”



8bitlanparty “Best way to say it is it’s a slow, beautiful top down space game that shares some elements with Dead Space and the mystery of Event Horizon.”


GREEKGAMER.GR “Brotherhood made the best adventure game I have seen in years. And I have seen a lot of them. There is no point even discussing where the prize for most atmospheric game will go, come the end year list marathon. In fact it already takes place in my personal list for game of the year candidate. Sure there are several months ahead of us, but this is easily my number one contender thus far.” [GREEK SITE]


Recomendado Seal Awarded

A estas alturas únicamente me falta gritarles muy fuerte que compren STASIS. No llegaré a tanto pero sí que les puedo asegurar de que se trata de una de las mejores aventuras que he jugado en años y uno de los títulos que recuerdo que me ha colocado en una posición más incómoda.


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