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As we’re now slap-dab in the middle of Q4 and haven't released Beautiful Desolation yet, you may be scratching your heads asking, where is this game?! Fear not! As we mentioned in the last update, we’re in the final stages of getting this project out of the door and into your hands. The adventure game is now complete and playable from start to end. Woohoo! Currently the voice actors are wrapping up their incredible performances. With over 50 fully voiced characters and 1000s of lines, you can imagine this is a lot of admin to navigate. Most voice files are in our hands, and it’s our Mark’s character lines that are currently being recorded. We have well-known South African, Ian Cullen, voicing Don, and as for Mark

I'm sure you've heard of game development "crunch time"? Well, Nic and I are crunching away. Grey, wintery days here in SA are great for productivity, I can assure you. We like to joke that we can see the light peaking through the forest (ever so slightly) at the end of this long journey. Behold a few screenshots:

We have unchained ourselves from our desks to bring you a quick update on our progress with BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. While Nic continues to implement the events in the game I have been detailing and creating the cinematic videos that appear throughout the adventure. These videos will be fully voiced, and using facial capture, we hope to bring the characters to life. Enjoy a few non-spoiler animated gifs: (If they don't load, access them here directly) And we'll throw in some stills too!  

MILESTONE REACHED We’ve passed a great milestone - we wrapped up the vast majority of the 2D graphics in BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION! This means that all 85+ scenes, the conversational portraits, as well as the menu and item graphics are now complete. It was an immense undertaking, but Nic and I are pleased to have done so on schedule. Focus can now be applied to the gameplay/puzzle hookup and cinematic implementation. WHAT'S ON THE MENU? We believe that the visual design of the menus should be indicative of the world, and the story themes that we want to invoke. The artistic style and interaction of each menu (and perhaps even the view the player has of them) belongs where it should in our storytelling in an attempt to immerse you in the world of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. DID YOU SEE THE LATEST SCREENSHOTS? If you follow me on Twitter (@Stasisgame) or our Facebook page (Desolationadventure) you’d have had a peak at a few of our latest screenshots. Let’s just say that BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will look smashing at 4k / 16:9 or 16:10! (CLICK SCREENSHOT FOR HIGHER RESOLUTION)   HAVE YOU HEARD? In case you missed the news, Mick Gordon - the finest video game composer to wield a keyboard and amp - has joined our motley crew. Mick has produced some incredible musical tapestries for

Meet Don, Mark and Pooch We would like to show you the final design for our intrepid heroes. Chris has put his low-poly modeling skills to the ultimate test, and produced really amazing 3D assets. He has also polished off all of their animations - we're now focusing on getting them looking and working spiffily in the engine. All the scene backgrounds are just about done, which includes integrating each into the game and testing them out. We have over 70, 8000px backgrounds all featuring meticulous 2D detail! There are a few outstanding that cover the intro scene and finale screen (best left to last), so we'll tackle them in January.

The NEST are a nano-robotic life form that live in an isolated part of this desolate world. The orbital research station on which they were created, has crashed in the African veld. This warm, dry environment is not the ideal for the replication of the synthetic NEST. Their advanced technology has allowed them to terraform the grasslands into a cold, sterile tundra that is rapidly expanding. The NEST are now in direct conflict with their neighbors - and Mark will need to find a subtle or extreme solution to this problem.

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” ― H.L. Mencken While traveling across our African landscape, Mark and POOCH will encounter enemies who will gladly disembowel them for venturing too close to their territory. When diplomacy fails, Mark must be ready to stand his ground. We’ve implemented a turn-based combat system into BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION, and have chosen to focus on simple engagement mechanics. We’ll avoid intense stat management and leveling, and rather focus on creating a fun, entertaining experience that ties directly into our lore and world building. In a place this dangerous you’re often only as good as the friends who surround you. Forging alliances with the denizens of the world is essential to survival - and pivotal to how the story will unfold.  

The last two months have flown by rapidly, but we're excited as ever to bring you an update on the development progress of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. We've increased our library of photo-scanned 3D objects (when time permits), and are planning a road trip that will entail the further scanning interesting objects and items to include in our desolate African landscapes. One of the criticisms received is that our character models don’t match up (quality wise) to the background scenes. We have taken this to heart and I've honed my low poly modeling skills to produced awesome looking denizens to populate our world. I learnt many tricks and techniques from working with InXile and the pre-production work for Wasteland 3. The animation rigs in Desolation are much more complicated (and pretty) than those of CAYNE, with cloth dynamics, moving hair, and specific ‘action points’ on the models, which allow for very cool game-play opportunities. I can’t wait to show you some of the animal creations, but I need to save something for our next update! We're trying to create a balance of technology with the sensibilities of a post apocalyptic African world. Creating a game that is clearly post apocalyptic - with a dose of