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On an exciting note, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION won an Aggie Award for Best Graphic Design. It was also nominated in a few other categories such as Writing in a Drama and Best Supporting Character. We hold the Aggie Awards in high regard as the premier adventure game honor.

Nic has been improving the performance of the isometric framework for BONE TOTEM. We’re now getting a constant 60fps on our test machines. He has also been incorporating some insanely cool water effects which we’ll show off in another newsletter – stay tuned!

We’ve contracted our first writer, Daniel Hallinan who has worked on many tabletop RPG instruction sets. He really has a knack for descriptive language and all of the world descriptions are dripping with beautiful words. already.

My favorite being; “A wispy web of meat stretches lazily upwards, whatever craft or device holding them aloft hidden in the darkness above. The strands dance and oscillate in time with dust particles, brought to life by the drafty air. Beads of blood hanging from the tendrils, each reflecting a dot of light, a profane decoration upon necrotic wings.” 

In the meantime, I’ve been working at full pace on the graphics for the areas that Mac, Charlie, and Moses will explore.

We found ourselves in a bit of a pickle. The fidelity and quality of the pre-rendered imagery were outstripping the quality of the player-controlled 3D characters. These characters are the only 3D assets in the game, while everything else is made up of 2D sprites. I am first and foremost a 2D artist that works in 3D space. 3D real-time models are not my specialty. Keeping this in mind, I spent some time reworking the character assets so that they properly integrate into the latest backgrounds. Luckily for us, we were able to utilize a AAA artist and his models have really spoken new life into the in-game characters of Mac and Charlie.



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