Hi guys!

I know you’re all just itching for more STASIS… and so, your wish has been granted! We are super excited to
announce STASIS: BONE TOTEM at


Watch the teaser trailer here:


This is a fresh, new story in the STASIS universe – we’re going to assume poor John is still out there on the Groomlake 🙂

STASIS: BONE TOTEM introduces salvaging duo, Charlie and Mac, as they scour the ocean for a living.

They hit the motherload and come across DEEPSEA 15; a seemingly abandoned Cayne Corporation rig in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


It only gets worse from there… (As STASIS fans, you know what we mean!) STASIS: BONE TOTEM is a thrilling and spine-tingling journey into the unknown fathoms of the icy ocean and the terrors that await a family. They will uncover a threat far beyond their wildest dreams. Mac, Charlie, and their Super-Toy, Moses will scrape the depths of their resilience and descend into a sci-fi horror story that will test theirn resolve, their relationships and push them to the darkest corners of mankind.





We mean, right now! We’ve created a DEMO for you to play – if you do enjoy it and we want to be part of the development process, please
check out