Getting Closer!

As we’re now slap-dab in the middle of Q4 and haven’t released Beautiful Desolation yet, you may be scratching your heads asking, where is this game?!

Fear not! As we mentioned in the last update, we’re in the final stages of getting this project out of the door and into your hands. The adventure game is now complete and playable from start to end. Woohoo!

Currently the voice actors are wrapping up their incredible performances. With over 50 fully voiced characters and 1000s of lines, you can imagine this is a lot of admin to navigate. Most voice files are in our hands, and it’s our Mark’s character lines that are currently being recorded.

We have well-known South African, Ian Cullen, voicing Don, and as for Mark… we’ll give you more surprise details soon.

The brilliant Ryan Cooper (you’ll remember from STASIS and CAYNE), and his brother Glen are on the cast. As well as the talented Sarah Williams, who voiced Hadley in CAYNE (as well as a million other TV shows and animated productions).

The performances are outstanding – beyond anything we could have imagined. You know that the writing and acting is good when a voice actor chokes up and holds back a tear! Many actors have lent their voices and given our characters life. We can’t wait for you to hear them.

The next step – after voice acting – are the translations. Voice actors sometimes change a few words to suit the scene and character while delivering their lines, and these changes need to be reflected in the written text. Once we have all the voice acting, we’ll farm out the translation work which could take up to a month with the word count we’re sitting at.

We’ve pegged the tentative public release date at the end February 2020, which is only a few months away… Don’t worry Beta backers, you will play the game sufficiently before anybody else 😉

Backer surveys to confirm the names for the credits will be done next month (so check your messages from The Brotherhood and Kickstarter). A few backer tiers have completed this already, so everyone else take note.

We are very excited,


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