MILESTONE REACHED We’ve passed a great milestone - we wrapped up the vast majority of the 2D graphics in BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION! This means that all 85+ scenes, the conversational portraits, as well as the menu and item graphics are now complete. It was an immense undertaking, but Nic and I are pleased to have done so on schedule. Focus can now be applied to the gameplay/puzzle hookup and cinematic implementation. WHAT'S ON THE MENU? We believe that the visual design of the menus should be indicative of the world, and the story themes that we want to invoke. The artistic style and interaction of each menu (and perhaps even the view the player has of them) belongs where it should in our storytelling in an attempt to immerse you in the world of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. DID YOU SEE THE LATEST SCREENSHOTS? If you follow me on Twitter (@Stasisgame) or our Facebook page (Desolationadventure) you’d have had a peak at a few of our latest screenshots. Let’s just say that BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will look smashing at 4k / 16:9 or 16:10! (CLICK SCREENSHOT FOR HIGHER RESOLUTION)   HAVE YOU HEARD? In case you missed the news, Mick Gordon - the finest video game composer to wield a keyboard and amp - has joined our motley crew. Mick has produced some incredible musical tapestries for