We had a super trip to the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco last month.
It was great to be surrounded by developers, and listen to interesting talks – it got the creative juices flowing!

24 hours of travel!

After recovering from jet lag, we’re (once again) chained to our desks.

Here is a brief look at one of the races in Beautiful Desolation. We’ve kept this spoiler free!


The Fley are an advanced people – the pinnacle of technological development in this apocalyptic region. They’re infested with a parasite called the ‘Brissel Worm’, which gives them unique abilities and heightened intelligence. It is said that the ‘Brissel Worm’ is more Fley than the Fley themselves.

Fley Homeland

Fley Praetor

Do not mistake the head tentacles as decoration or hair, these are in fact the breathing apparatus of the ‘Brissel Worm’, which burst out of its host organism.

Fley Optio

The Fley possess an incredible array of technology and are a vital cog in The Tribulation.

Fley IX Drone

The IX Drone is controlled by a neural network operated by an actual Fley brain.

How’s that for a sneak peak?


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