ANNOUNCING MICK GORDON (plus video update)



Award-winning composer, Mick Gordon, will use his broad experience to tell Beautiful Desolation’s auditory story. We’re thrilled to have such a talent translate our ideas into a sound unique to this game universe.

To many he needs no introduction, as Mick has score titles such as DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Microsoft’s Killer Instinct reboot under his belt (we said award-winning, right?!); so every note and precisely placed chord will draw you in.

His use of both traditional and modern techniques, and sometimes unconventional musical pairings, matches Desolation’s tribalpunk clash of old and new.

Collaborating with an experienced and passionate artist, who considers the role of the game’s music as a translation of its environment, allows for us to the convey ideas, emotions and backstory for each track.

This way Mick fully appreciates and applies this from the outset to create his own musical vision.

We are thrilled to work with this legend!

You can find out about Mick on his site: and follow his Twitter here: and his Instagram here:


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