Don’t go chasing waterfalls…


We’d like to give you a peak at the lovely fluid effects that we’re including in Beautiful Desolation.

Drinking this water is not recommended!

One of the most difficult elements to exhibit realistically is liquid flow. Cascading water contains millions of tiny particles interacting with one another – reacting to gravity, and colliding with the objects around them. While there are certainly ways to create the effect using shaders, we decided to go with a 2D pre-rendered approach that will be augmented with a particle simulation; this keeps to our true vision of a 2D game.

Using PhoenixFD (Read up on this amazing plugin here):

Using this, we’ve setup a waterfall containing over ten million particles. The simulation is then rendered out to a movie and turned into a looping animation. The looping animation is then broken up using a Unity particle system.

We’re able to use this same technique to create steam and smoke. In this sequence we are using photographic smoke elements and combining them with particles to show the steam rising off of a freshly slaughtered pig!


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