Last month we announced that we were going to depart from the static screens found in STASIS and CAYNE – rather producing large, scrollable areas to explore.

This African world that we’re creating needs to reflect a thriving eco-system of flora and fauna, with a tumultuous environment that requires movement and life.

To begin this journey, we’ve created a low memory footprint animation technique that will allow us to bring the desired movement to (otherwise static) backgrounds.

Using 3D trees and plants didn’t look right for the effect we’re striving for; we wanted a smoother integration into the background pictures.

We’ve now chosen to use 2-dimensional images with a warp mesh to facilitate this motion.

This process involves creating a flat mesh in 3D StudioMax. Bones and various warping mesh techniques are used to build a moving image.

These are then imported into the game engine. By slightly angling these meshes, Mark can realistically walk through long grass. It gives the grand illusion of being 3-dimensional when in fact it is a flat pre-rendered image.

We’re adamant about putting the beautiful into Beautiful Desolation!


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