We’re exited to reveal that BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will feature our largest environment art yet. In STASIS the backgrounds were 1280 x 720. We further increased the resolution of CAYNE to 1920 x 1080.
DESOLATION will feature 7680×4320 scrolling backgrounds. Our hero won’t be locked into a small area and can now explore the beautiful landscape, unhindered.


An example of the larger scrolling environments can be seen in Witherberg.


The frontier town of Witherberg is a well known meeting place in the post-apocalyptic Savannah. Nestled on the edge of the desert, known locally as the Old Woman’s Womb, this is home to hunters – that harvest the parasitical worms that infest the sandy wasteland.

This mix of diverse cultures is reflected our design that includes exotic cloth and bright colors that form the souks and market place.

The fishing village has elements inspired by the Nigerian settlement of Makoko, which is a floating fishing village in Nigeria. Wooden stilts push each structure above the ground, and hold them perilously over the edge of a huge ravine.

The wooden structures of the buildings are filled up with scraps of metal to create sturdy walls – while several structures have textile coverings to allow airflow, to make the inhabitants as comfortable as possible while being protected from the elements.



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