“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there”


One of the major inspirations in our game design was bringing back the excitement that we felt when exploring the original Fallout’s map. Our map is a core feature of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION and provides a tangible link to all of the interesting areas that you’re able to explore in this post apocalyptic world.

Mark has commandeered an ancient weather satellite that provides an aerial view of his current location. Shifting clouds of deadly gasses cover the earth making areas inaccessible but frustratingly visible.

Geography and history will entwine to reflect in the environments and their march through time. Working on the histories of the different areas and how they’ve grown out of this ruined world, is both exciting and challenging. We’re building a tome of writing for each and every area.

The map will also feature varied biomes that in turn allow for awesome design possibilities.



In the heart of the Meadowland, an idyllic grassland, Greenpoint sits like a dark pustule. A slave compound has been built in the center of a crumbling sports stadium…

We’re currently focusing on the shanty town that has sprung up around Greenpoint.


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