As far back as during the development of STASIS, both Nic and I spent time discussing several ideas for future projects. During these conversations we kept circling back to a vivid post apocalyptic world.

A story revolving around a similar theme to STASIS: family. The idea of two brothers, transported to another world fell beautifully into place in a post apocalyptic African dystopia. This setting was a feature of our original story. It was different, inspiring, and considering our location – achievable! For research, we just had to open the door and step outside.


While STASIS focused on the a man’s desire to save his wife and child, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will be a story about brothers. A story about love, loss and accepting the errors of the past and moving on.
Creating this dynamic is a challenge, but something that I think that we can achieve.
Just as The Last Of Us showed the connection that a father can have with his daughter, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will showcase a brotherly bond.


Post apocalyptic worlds are the perfect vessel for exploring. The desire to walk through an abandoned city, and the idea of solitude that is obtained by stripping away of societies niceties. A lawless world combined with the anti-hero always makes for compelling stories. However, that sense of danger and exploration has started to wane. How could we create a world where that ‘thing’ over the horizon was new and different? Where the world felt truly alien, but still tangible?


Early on we decided that we wanted to show off the incredibly diverse fauna that Africa has to offer. Africa is a rich foundation to draw from and to build on with giraffes towering over the tree tops to herds of elephants leaving wakes of destruction in their paths. We plan on taking local African folktales and myth and twisting it into the social construct of our future apocalypse.

The effects of the Penrose are felt like ripples in time and as such this is reflected in local attire. A mix of technology and necessity is showcased on the daily lives of the local Denizens.

This will make for interesting puzzles and quests that weave through the narrative, and touch on the lives of inhabitants of this place.


Pooch is affectionately labeled after the nickname of our Labradoodle, Chelsea. ‘A boy and his dog’ are a strong motif that can be an illustrative bond between two creatures. Now, what if that dog could speak and had a precocious attitude? Like with CAYNE and STASIS, we’re interested in telling personal stories. A motto of ours has always been to write about ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

Pooch, Mark and Don will need each other to survive this harsh place and we know that you will connect with them instantly in a world of desolation.


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