Since the release of STASIS and our subsequent migration into full time game development, Nic and I have created CAYNE. What started off as a stretch goal chapter has become an entire standalone game that can sit proudly in the STASIS universe. Hadley’s story came about around my emotions of releasing STASIS, and seeing how much a family can change with the birth of a child. She may be a fictional character but she carries the weight of a family and our collective experiences.


Please watch it on Youtube;

CAYNE is in final phase production. Yes, nearly there! We’re tweaking animations and sounds, and working through to check its flow. Already, we’ve decide to add in additional animations and content where we feel it will most benefit the story and game. It can be both a fun and frustrating experience, but being this close to the finish line gives us a daily rush of adrenaline that counteracts the tediousness of replaying the same game area over and over again! Backers will get to play CAYNE before everybody else (don’t worry!), so stay tuned for more details.

CAYNE is coming soon…



Several years ago we had an idea for an adventure story set in a post-apocalyptic world. During our brain storming sessions, we kept circling back to a particular story. It was pushed to the sidelines while the STASIS story blossomed. But now that we want to do something different outside the STASIS universe, and still create an experience that fits into our niche of point-and-click, isomeric adventure games.

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will push our game design and graphic production further, and it’s a process that we want you to be a part of yet again.

Please watch a video here:

We will have more information on the crowd-funding of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION but until then, please visit the site, watch and share the video and enjoy these early screenshots.

SIGN UP FOR NEWS AT: www.desolationgame.com3934a9fdb3f9cce5304a20221854c213_original 875389196513f2b117866ff249909c7c_original c98fd8d8c1b24048c8af9e3a9aa3c864_original


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