Nic and I have moved our office to Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa. Wow! This is a beautiful city, right at the tip of Africa. But amazing ocean views aside, we are now in full game production mode.
CAYNE will not be traditional DLC – you won’t need STASIS to play it. It’s also a self-contained story that ties back to STASIS without ruining the story.

The game itself is starting to draw together with the main framework of the engine already complete. We’re now moving onto the sound design for the completed areas and pushing this aspect further than we did with STASIS. Footsteps have distinct sounds depending on surfaces, sound is now directional and can be played based on distances.

The already completed musical score will be added too! The musical score is incredible, with three different composers providing a unique texture and soundscape.

We have been polishing the game – oh, how obsessed with are will polishing our work! –  with all the small effects that we’d have loved to do in STASIS, but just didn’t have the time or the technology to implement them. For example, a subtle light that our protagonist emits that let’s you find her easily on the screen, and beautiful 2D shader effects to bring liquids to life and particles get caught in shafts of light.

The art asset list is slowly getting shorter. While the overall CAYNE environment is smaller than STASIS, we’re trying to push the visuals into new and varied directions with a focus on both body horror and psychological terror. Ha!

A final draft of the dialogue is almost complete and we’ll be searching for our voice actors to go on this journey with us. Ryan Cooper (the voice of John) is back on the team – and we can’t wait to start working with him again!

The writing of the diary entries is complete with the writers providing some of the most disturbing entries and narratives I’ve ever read.

Multi-platform support is also being implemented from the ground up, and we now have CAYNE playing properly on both Mac and Windows. And, the bonus is, we’re also working on the long awaited Linux port of STASIS! The IOS version of STASIS is also in the works. It is a complete engine re-write by a mobile expert specifically for Apple devices.

We’re planning on crowd funding our next game and think that CAYNE will be a perfect example of what we intend on producing.

The video documentary reward for backers is also in planning – although I really do need to get a haircut before we start shooting the final video footage.

I will leave you with an HD screenshot from CAYNE:





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