APRIL 2014 Update



I’m at the four month mark of full time development on Stasis!

The majority of the Alpha bug fixes and new systems have been done and dusted, and so I have been able to move onto entire new and exciting Stasis environments.

Watch the youtube video below.

The medical suites are stark and white with a vastly different aesthetic, compared to the rusty, industrial grime you’ve seen so far. It’s refreshing to work on a new experience point with an unfamiliar tile set. I’ve also now created the medical puzzle that was alluded to in the last update.

“The skeletal remains lie clustered together around the room, as if they died in a stampede, or clutching each other. Somehow the bones hold no scraps of flesh.”

We’ve received some new writing from Christopher Dare and it is excellent! I can already see how the extra depth of this writing will echo through the environments, and really draw a player in.

I’m now moving onto the Hydroponics Bay… wish me luck 🙂

We really do appreciate your involvement and interest.

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-Chris & Nic


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