22 Hours left + Get the Alpha now!


22 hours and 15 minutes until we launch our fundraising campaign.

You can now download the Alpha of Stasis here (no password needed):



We have got some awesome reviews so far, so what are you waiting for? Get it now!


“I have now finished Stasis Game demo. What a truly amazing experience. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!”

“SO impressed with the Stasis Game demo. The intro scene was jaw dropping. The game is looking great; nostalgic and fresh at once.”

“Playing the Stasis Game demo and I think have fallin in love. This is sci fi epicness. The atmosphere is fantastic!”

And an absolute gem from Brian Fargo of Wasteland 2 fame:
“Excellent work! Stasis sets a thick mood and reminds me of a Ridley Scott Film.”

See you soon on Kickstarter and Greenlight!



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