YEAH! We are almost ready to Rock'n Roll! Again, apologies for the week long Kickstarter delay. Kickstarter were under a heavy load of submissions and it took a few extra days to confirm that our project and that our rewards were legit. Everything has been approved and we just need to hit the GREEN BUTTON to make it happen. Our campaign will run from Midday Monday November 04 - 12am (US, Eastern) to Midday Friday December 6 - 12am (US, Eastern). The Alpha will also be publically available from Monday. We will dispatch an email at 12am to notify you of the launch and link - The Countdown on the website will start again

Hi Guys, Thanks to the 100's of people who have emailed us this past week - your passion for Stasis is what keeps me going! We are waiting for Kickstarter to approve our final campaign, which is taking a little longer than we expected. The delay is out of our hands for now - but we should get it wrapped up very soon. Now for the EXCITING NEWS

I know that I have been promising a big new update, and let it never be said that I don't deliver on my promises! My brother has been hard at work over the past few weeks crafting this incredible new site. Take a look around the site, and please let me know what you think! I've also updated all the game info, as well as putting up several new screenshots!  And, one of the biggest updates is (of course), on the 28'th of October, both Greenlight AND Kickstarter campaigns will go live! The next few weeks will be very exciting, with new screens, videos, and game information! I also want to take this moment to thank EVERYONE for the support that STASIS has been given. I read EVERY comment, and browse through a lot of forums to read what you guys are saying about this little child of mine. I couldn't have come this far if it wasn't for the incredible support that you guys and gals have shown me. As a small thank you, I want to give away this awesome Wallpaper, showing you the main 'release art' of STASIS.     Stay frosty! -Chris  

  Visionaire, the engine that is powering STASIS, is a truly wondrous tool! The engine is extremely artist friendly, with the ability to slide easily into a production line. All images are read from external files, so updating graphics is as easy as copying files in Windows Explorer. Simply replace the old frames in the directory, and they are automatically updated in the game.   As a single developer, this small feature is an incredible time saver, allowing me to very quickly make changes to the game. Often, I will have Photoshop open on one monitor, and Visionaire open on the other - instantly updating backgrounds, or animations. While PNG is generally the recommended format, Visionaire allows use of multiple file formats in the engine. Applies not only to images, but to Audio (ogg, wav, mp3) , as well as Video (mkv, wmv, avi, etc).   Visionaire is also set up in such a way that you can easily customise all aspects of your game. While it is exclusively an 'Adventure Game' engine, there are still many different ways that you can set up the mechanics. Adding in extra actions (such as the classic Push, Pull, Look, Lick (??) ) is very easy, allowing for interactions to be as complex, or