I know I've been rather quiet on the blog, and with regards to my emails (sorry if I haven't replied to you if you've emailed me-it is coming!). I've been slaving away at getting a fully playable portion of the game done for testing and display purposes. Who will actually GET to test the game, or WHERE it will be displayed are entirely different things! REZZED. I was invited to REZZED, and set a deadline for a playable demo of the game-but due to VISA and financial limitations, I've had to skip this year-but I will definitely try for next year-if not to display anything, just to experience it. But I decided to stick with the deadline of a fully playable, very large chunk of the game to be complete by that date. EXPERIENCES. I've also been going through the game, and adding what I've come to internally call 'experiences'. I know

A while ago I posted my thoughts on this blog about Kickstarter as a funding model for Stasis - you can read it here I've spoken before about how art in a vacuum is a bad thing, and honestly, through Stasis I've realised that pretty much anything in a vacuum is bad! Except for the International Space Station

This isn't going to be a major post, but just a small piece of advice to all developers out there. I know it seems simple and obvious, but take time out of development to just play your game. . Set up what you think would be the ideal environment to play the game. If its a PC Game, turn off the lights, put in some headphones, and play it. If you see a bug, don't mark it down, or make a note of it. Just play through. Enjoy your game-enjoy your work. . Its a very surreal experience to have your game be at a point where you can see what others will get out of it