I sometimes take a break from vivisections, rotting corpses, and the cold hard floors of The Groomlake to indulge either my artistic, or game designer side. Here are a few examples of previous side projects I've done. My general rule is to not allow them more than 3 days, with the exception of 1KL, which was a 2 week process (but involved actually making a fully playable tech demo

I did an interview with Killer Bits the other day, and it has gone live on the intertubes.  This was my first 'spoken' interview, and I have to say that it was quite a surreal experience. It brought back memories of watching Cybernet as a young'n, and hearing developers and reviewers talk about games. . In the video you can see some cool behind the scenes footage, and some exclusive game play stuff that shows some awesome new areas. I'm particularly proud of the tram section, because