Gameplay Video: Crew Quarters

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.  -Jean-Jacques Rousseau
I’m hoping that you guys will agree with me that the game play video was worth the wait. 😉

I know it seems that I’ve been out of action of late, but I can promise you that I’ve been slaving away! Through 2 bouts of flu, and a house move.
Here is a game play snippet from the Crew Quarters section. Its quite difficult to record game play videos of Adventure Games when you are trying to keep the story, and puzzles secret-because without showing some of the puzzles or story, you are essentially just going to have a character walk around a room.
I’ve tried to keep you going with the bare bones of what you can explore in these areas-but rest assured that there are many many descriptions and interactions you have with the world…this game play video just shows a nice quick path through the crew quarters! All of those things you want to click on, and poke to see what they are (like the oozing breathing pile of red mush in the corner of the sleeping block…)….you can. 😉

There are also some cool new things to notice in the video. The dialogue system is complete and working, with the ability to walk around and interact with things while the dialogue is going on. Not a big thing perhaps, but still pretty cool. There WILL be voice over in the final game The current game does have my voice in place of the voice overs, but I took them out because…well, it sounds like a guy with a South African accent reading a script. Really terrible stuff!

Its a pretty nerve wracking experience every time I release something about the game. To know that people are about to look at 100’s of hours of work…but soon STASIS will be out in the world! Well…soonish…


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