A throwback to 2001!

OUTWORLD was one of the first big projects that my brother and I collaborated on-an artistic relationship that has endured to this day, and one where the roots of STASIS are firmly held in place.

The game eventually morphed into the much more sophisticated (and ultimately never completed) ALIEN ME, which Im still trying to hunt down all of the original files for.

OUTWORLD was a virtual 1:1 remake of STAR CONTROL 2, with our own unique story. It followed an alien captain named Rex Norad, and his adventures through the galaxy.

The influences from SC II are pretty damned obvious!





If there was ever a game that needs a Kickstarter Campaign, its something along the lines of STAR CONTROL 2!

Its interesting to look back on these, and then look at STASIS. You can see the ‘darker’ edge that we tried to give to SC2 in our game, and that’s something that I’ve subconsciously pulled through into my current game.

Its also interesting to note that even in our earliest attempts at making games, my brother and I never did things small!



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