Relax! Im still here, and working hard!

I know Ive been rather quiet lately, but I want you guys to know that Im still here, and working hard at it!

This section of the game was inspired by the part of ALIENS, where Newt slides down from the aircon ducts. I decided that STASIS needs to have a similar scene-something that takes place in water. I have had a ton of fun in trying to figure out how to get water effects in a 2D engine, and while I haven’t gone into the sound design of this section, I know that its going to be pretty cool.

I also played around with some more advanced lighting effects, such as having ‘interactive’ light streaming through areas of the sewers to draw attention to areas-which is something thats rather difficult in an engine that…well.. doesn’t really support anything like that! Its all 2D trickery-but always fun to do.

These sewer systems took a little longer than they should have, but I seriously learned a ton from them.

I have a few more blog posts lined up with some more design oriented things, but really figured that you guys needed some eye candy for being so patient.

OK…Onto a little voting. I’m going to be putting up a gameplay video in the next few weeks…which area would you guys like to see? The PERSONAL AREA, showing the crew quarters, annex, and these sewer systems? Or the ENGINEERING SECTIONS of the game, showing the nano-fabrication machines at work, and the massive generators in action?

Oh, and Batman rocked. Just saying.



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