I did an interview for SCORE, a Czech gaming magazine.  Here is the full interview, between the fantastic Michal Jakl, and yours truely. ;) Enjoy! MICHAL JAKL: How does one decide to create such a big project on his own? I presume you have to sacrifice a lot of time (and money for that matter). Isn’t it a bit risky to be developing an adventure game nowadays? Of course there’s Joshua Nuernberger with his marvelous Gemini Rue as an example, that adventure genre is not that dead as everybody says, but nevertheless what made you choose adventure? It’s certainly not the motive of „making some money“. CHRIS BISCHOFF: STASIS started out as a December project to try and learn some new skills. But the seeds of the project were planted a few years ago, with a project called ISC Sebastian: GHOST SHIP. It was going to be a short that focused purely on environment, with each other the environments having its own story. The idea was that, at the end of the short, you would have only an idea about what happened on this massive abandoned space vessel…the rest you had to fill in for yourself. I never progessed past the first two environments,

When WASTELAND 2 was announced, like Im sure everyone who has enjoyed Fallout, I let out a 'woop woop!'. A proper, non-first-person post apocalyptic RPG? Thats the stuff I dream about! I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but before STASIS was set on The Groomlake, I wanted to make an Adventure Game set in a post apocalyptic world. Here is my take on some scenes in the Wasteland universe. Inspired by the WASTELAND 2 concept art, and the original Wasteland. http://wasteland.inxile-entertainment.com/ THESE IMAGES ARE MADE PURELY AS A FAN, AND I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH WASTELAND 2! -Chris