Wow! The last few days have been really exciting for me, and the outpouring and support that STASIS has been getting is really humbling. This post is going to serve as a way to answer many of the questions that have been asked about the game. Here we go! IS STASIS ON KICKSTARTER? This is probably the thing that pops up in most places. Right now STASIS is not on Kickstarter. I will never say never (thank you Justin Bieber for forever ruining that), but at the moment I have enough personal funds to keep STASIS going. I think that Kickstarter is incredible and the fact that so many people care enough to take their personal money to fund the dreams of independent artists-well lets just say it makes me ridiculously happy. Another advantage of Kickstarter is the resurgence of interest in Adventure Games, with DF's record breaking campaign. While Ive never believed that Adventure Games were ever dead, knowing that there is this much support for them is incredible. WHAT PLATFORMS WILL STASIS BE AVAILABLE ON? As of now, STASIS will be on PC and Mac. I would love to do an iPad version, but the control systems would really have to be fleshed out to work properly on the