Blog Request: Staying Creative.

I asked you guys what posts you would like to see, and Jessica had two very interesting topics, both of which are quite close to my heart, and to the philosophy thats been behind the development of STASIS.

*how you stay motivated to do so much creative work (after the initial rush of designing the game has faded).


I’ve mentioned before that, when starting any personal art project, it MUST be something you are extremely passionate about. You need to have a love for EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the project, or you will start to slip in one area, and in turn other areas will suffer.

The reason that the game has such a heavy ALIEN, and Aliens influence is because I am OBSESSED with those 2 films. Really, its borderline unhealthy. They are my ‘go to’ rainy day movies. Both of them are such different takes on the same subject, but both hit pretty much every aspect of SciFi I love.


I also try to surround myself with inspiration whenever I can. I buy art books, listen to old 1920’s SciFi radio plays,  and read as often as I can.

Here is an older post on Inspiration, and showing my ‘wall of nerd’. And yes…that is a 1:1 Plasma cutter. And yes I do run around my apartment going Pew Pew. Since then I have added a few Avatar sculptures, and 2 scale models from Mass Effect.


Something that has also really pushed me is that Im trying to do everything myself. When the scripting side of things gets a little heavy, I move onto the sound design. Once that is done, I can fire up MAX and play around with the graphics. Once all that is done, I can open up FL Studio, and start with some music editing. Having my fingers in so many pies is fantastic, because I always have something to do thats COMPLETELY different from the others.


But I can honestly say that the biggest driving force has been A COMPLETE DESIGN DOCUMENT.

Having a roadmap that shows not only where you have been, but where you are going has been instrumentally important. Its let me bounce around the game, with full confidence that Im not wasting my time in a certain area. Its also allowed me to create things that will happen early in the game, that link to things much later-and its a satisfying thing to see those elements link up gameplay-wise.


Something that’s also very important is to TAKE A BREAK. I would rather have a Stasis Free weekend, than burn out on the project. I get more done when I leave the project for a few days than I do when I work on it solidly. Watch movies, see friends, sleep in. If you arent a full time developer, your game should NOT take over your life. You need to have a separation to make sure that you dont loose that flame of passion for the game. It MUST be something exciting-something you miss doing-something you WANT to sit down for 4 hours with and get that last bit of interaction perfect.


Ill be putting together some stuff on the Music and Sound of STASIS soon, as well as my take on why on earth people feel the need to hide their games from the world, and why they really shouldn’t!

Again, if you guys have any requests, pop them in the comments below.


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