I know I promised a blog post on Sound Design, but its taking a little longer to put together than I thought! So, in the meantime, here is another request, again by Jessica. Would be interesting to know how you feel about your current active marketing vs keeping your project secret until launch. Everybody is a game designer. I can promise that if you asked anyone who plays games, if they have an 'ultimate game', they would be able to give you a semi-decent description of what their perfect game would be. STASIS is my perfect game. Its the game I wish someone else would have made. Its my 'massive Zombie MMMORPG', or 'Epic Space Real Time Strategy Game'. Its the game that, when asked what my ideal gaming experience would be, I would describe. In all sorts of ridiculous detail. Hell, I've obsessed about the colour of the stripe on Johns jumpsuit for an entire weekend (settled on black). If you think about it, the only people you should feel the need to hide your ideas from, are the people who have the ability to copy it. But those people already have their own ideas. They are overflowing with them! I know  a few guys who have

I asked you guys what posts you would like to see, and Jessica had two very interesting topics, both of which are quite close to my heart, and to the philosophy thats been behind the development of STASIS. *how you stay motivated to do so much creative work (after the initial rush of designing the game has faded). BE OBSESSED! I've mentioned before that, when starting any personal art project, it MUST be something you are extremely passionate about. You need to have a love for EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the project, or you will start to slip in one area, and in turn other areas will suffer. The reason that the game has such a heavy ALIEN, and Aliens influence is because I am OBSESSED with those 2 films. Really, its borderline unhealthy. They are my 'go to' rainy day movies. Both of them are such different takes on the same subject, but both hit pretty much every aspect of SciFi I love. SEEK OUT INSPIRATION CONSTANTLY! I also try to surround myself with inspiration whenever I can. I buy art books, listen to old 1920's SciFi radio plays,  and read as often as I can. Here is an older post on Inspiration, and showing my 'wall of nerd'. And yes

I was browing around the UNITY forums on the weekend, and took a good look at the forums where guys are looking for collaborations. Something ive noticed is that many of them fall into the same trap. They start off with the idea that they want to create the next *insert AAA game here*, and want to either copy, or expand on what they see as the successful elements of those larger projects. Now I do understand the want to create something like that. AAA titles can be very inspirational