As many of you have seen from the Trailer I released a few days ago, STASIS will have full CG Cinematic sequences. One of the reasons I wanted to become a 3D artist was watching the incredible animations that Blizzard did on StarCraft, and WarCraft. Honestly, I think that cinematics have been my favourite aspect of games for a VERY long time! I remember watching the Syndicate intro over and over, and even the 'stills' from the intro to STAR CONTROL. So having full cinematic sequences is a must for me! . When modelling all the assets in STASIS, I tend to go overboard with the detail. While working on the sequences for the 'Tram Rides', I had to do no extra detailing on the models to get them to hold up for the closer views. . For the Tram sequences, they all take place in the same environment. I constructed a long piece of track, and placed 'mirrors' on the ends of the tracks to allow them to stretch into infinity. Then the tram was added in, with a few tweaks to get it to 'fit' on the top and bottom tracks. After it was all placed, I simply animated it along the