Blood, Drills and Engines.

Just wanted to give you loyal blog followers some eye candy. 😉


Fun note, check the blood stains on Marachecks CRYO SUIT. Gotta wonder just what he had to do to get that High Speed Neural Drill….

Im playing around with having the suit get dirtier and grimier as you go along in the game. Subtle changes-but I think it will make a difference to the immersion of the player!


A screen showing how you will interact with the various computers in the game. I originally had a hacking device, with a mini game attached to it-but it got tedious fast!


Head on over to and download the Visioniare game engine. Its free to use and learn on, and the guys there are really helpful with any questions you have. STASIS is entirely done using the engine, which is the same engine behind The Whispered World, and the latest A NEW BEGINNING (Man..just looking at that artwork makes me drool!). This is coming off like a paid advert (it isnt… 😀 ), but I cant show my appreciation enough for the guys behind this engine. Without it STASIS would only exist in my mind. 😉