Multiplayer Adventure Games, and Voice Artists.

Just spit-balling here!


Ive been playing around (on paper) with some ideas for a multiplayer adventure game. In such a game, the setting is extreamly important. For my fictional game, Ive set it onboard a sinking submarine. Each player would start in a different part of the sub, and each character would have a different skill set. So a deep sea diver, engineer, and computer tech.

The idea would have each player needing to do things in their area, which would affect the others. So it would be co-op puzzle solving. The engineer would need to reconnect a computer system, allowing the computer tech to access the flood doors to allow the deep sea diver to get into the next room and turn the power on to the areas close to the engineer and computer tech.

In essence, it would be Day Of The Tentacle, which each player taking control of each character at the same time. This could open up some really cool timed puzzle areas, where you have to execute ‘something’ at the same time. I would also have an option where the players could ‘cycle’ from their chosen characters at any time. So if you are tired of playing as the diver, you could swap with any of the other characters.

I think its a cool idea, and its something that-if I had the programming ability-I would love to explore.




Ill be the first to admit that STASIS has been a little on the back burner for the past few days. Work has really been kicking my ass, and coming home to a computer isnt high on my lists! So I have been doing a lot of work on paper, and getting quite deep into writing the actual script for the game. I got in contact with a really talented voice over artist, and have been putting together all the material for him. Full character bio’s, motivations, etc.

If you are a voice artist, and want to get involved, please send me a mail, or pop a comment below. There are quite a few smaller lines I need read-medical readouts, voice logs, etc. So even if you only have a mic, and 20 minutes of free time I can use you!


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