I spent a few hours this weekend on STASIS, adding in something that I’ve been meaning to put into the game for a while. Now, when dialog is spoken a little animated portrait pops up. The idea is that its linked into the Stasis Plug Suits systems, so when a computer communicates, or a radio transmission comes through its piped directly to you.

Something that I’ve added as well is, when there is dialogue going on you can still move around, interact, and play the game. Ive never quite understood why in other Adventure Games the world stops when there is Dialogue. Hell, in Beneath A Steel Sky you actually walk to a different area to have a conversation.



Here is also a gift for you guys…a cool background. 😉


I have gotten wonderful feedback from the 5 minute game play video I posted, so will be writing up a detailed reply to everyone who emailed/commented on the videos. I promise you that I’m taking all of your suggestions seriously, and have changed quite a few things based on the feedback. As I’ve said before, I really want STASIS to be a the absolute best game possible-and that will only happen with your guys help!



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