Inspiration, Surgery, and Links.


Hey guys,

I know Ive been out of action for a while-but fear not, development has not stopped. 😉

The reason for my lack of updates is that I went in for surgery on one of my eyes. I still cant see properly, so I dont think Ill be able to work on anything on STASIS for a few more days.

I think that all artists should use every aspect of their life as a source of inspiration. I had to be awake during the surgery, and as completely uncomfortable as that was, I really tried to take everything in/ The sounds, the way the doctors speak to each other, even the smells of the theatre. I immediately started to come up with ideas for STASIS-specifically a sequence that I think will curl some toes! See guys… I’m suffering to make the best damned game I can! 😀




A friend of mine asked for some web pages and stuff about Adventure Games, that I think you guys may find interesting.

There are quite a few articles on Adventure Game design if you do a search.for ‘puzzle design in adventure games’.

Here are some of my favourites:

For forums, BIG BLUE CUP’s forums are probably the most active from a developers point of view ( ). Its skewed to Adventure Game Studio users, but the theory and the discussions are all interesting and apply to game design in general.

From a ‘players’ point of view, there is Adventure Gamers ( , which is an awesome resource. They also have a very extensive REVIEW section, which is an amazing resource to see what people like and dont like in their AG’s.

I try to read as many game POST MORTEMS as possible. Just do a google search for them and youll find a ton.

No Mutants Allowed ( ) has some really nice forum posts on story ideas and game mechanics. Quite a bit of it is just people hating on Fallout 3 (no idea why…I loved it!), but its always nice to read some pretty harsh critiques on games.

RPGCodex is a really cool forum for getting feedback on everything from games stories, interfaces, even just general rants about what people like and dont like in games.


Do you guys have any cool resources/websites? Post em here, or send me a mail. 😉



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