CHARACTER MOTIVATION. I was watching Alien Resurrection on Saturday, and about halfway through, I realized that I really didn't give a shit about anyone in that movie.  The problem is that by the time you get to know them, they have already murdered 5 security guards, threatened rape, hit a woman in the face with a bar bell and kidnapped and essentially murdered 8 innocent people by stealing their cryogenic pods. The only 2 characters you kinda feel for are Vriess (the dude in the wheelchair) and Call (spoiler

There is this tendency with computer games to force the player along a story path. I think that game story writers want to tell their stories in the same way that movies or novels do. The thing with a movie or novel, is that you have complete control over what the viewer or reader is experiencing. You decide how much information is given to them, when it's given, and deep you want to take them. Now while that is not a bad way of going about computer game story, it doesn't really embrace the medium, or use what some may see as a disadvantage (not having control) as an advantage. For Stasis, when I was first developing the story, I had quite a difficult time in trying to determine how much 'world building detail' to include. The thing with adventure games is that, by their nature you assume that everything provided in the game world is relevant to your quest. If a butcher mentions that he takes a smoke break at 12, you store that bit of info away and try to work it into a puzzle about stealing a piece of meat. But really, that could just be some sort of

CORRIDORS. Why is it that corridors and Sci Fi go hand in hand? Im going to blame Ridley Scott, but I know that the Sci Fi corridor fetish goes WAY back! I think that the definitive Sci Fi corridor belongs to ALIENS! . I dont think there is FPS around today that doesnt have an 'ALIENS' corridor buried in its DNA. So how can I NOT have awesome corridors in STASIS? There is still an additional detail pass that has to happen here (extra dirt, some signage, streaks, etc), but everything here is In Game. The best part (hard to appreciate in a still) is the steam being partially sucked into the vents on the right. The fans are also each separate objects, with slightly offset animations-so they have a 'randomness' to them. CURSORS. Ive been getting quite a bit of 'schtick' about the 'pie' cursor being to big, or unnecessary. But I really like it

I spent a few hours this weekend on STASIS, adding in something that I've been meaning to put into the game for a while. Now, when dialog is spoken a little animated portrait pops up. The idea is that its linked into the Stasis Plug Suits systems, so when a computer communicates, or a radio transmission comes through its piped directly to you. Something that I've added as well is, when there is dialogue going on you can still move around, interact, and play the game. Ive never quite understood why in other Adventure Games the world stops when there is Dialogue. Hell, in Beneath A Steel Sky you actually walk to a different area to have a conversation. . . Here is also a gift for you guys

SURGERY AND INSPIRATION. Hey guys, I know Ive been out of action for a while-but fear not, development has not stopped. ;) The reason for my lack of updates is that I went in for surgery on one of my eyes. I still cant see properly, so I dont think Ill be able to work on anything on STASIS for a few more days. I think that all artists should use every aspect of their life as a source of inspiration. I had to be awake during the surgery, and as completely uncomfortable as that was, I really tried to take everything in/ The sounds, the way the doctors speak to each other, even the smells of the theatre. I immediately started to come up with ideas for STASIS-specifically a sequence that I think will curl some toes! See guys