First, you guys may notice that I have added a mailing list notifier. I want to build up a data base of you guys interested in STASIS, and use the mailing list to update you on important things like BETA testing, release dates, and cool exclusive videos. If there is something cool happening on STASIS, chances are if you are on the mailing list, you will be the first to know! And here is a nice treat for you guys. The first 5 minutes of CHAPTER ONE, entitled "Daddy Please Help Us". I have gotten some incredible feedback from the few people I have shown this to (especially Dave E, Dave B, and Mike! ), so here is your chance to mould the way a game is made. ;) Enjoy! LINK TO GAME PLAY VIDEO! -Chris

This weekend I feel that Stasis took the leap from 'cool project' to 'Adventure Game'. Its a difficult feeling to explain, but there is that moment when you are creating a game where it start to feel less like a collection of screens, and starts to actually feel like a playable game. The thing that prompted this leap? A newly streamlined interface