One of the biggest obstacles I have encountered with creating an interesting adventure game, is something Im calling The Locked Door. The Locked Door is the predisposition to divide your game into a series of room, where the challenge comes down to getting through a door. The horrible thing is that these types of challenges just feel so 'natural' with Adventure Games-but they get old VERY quickly! The challenge for me, in being a 'one man design team', is how often I hit the wall of 'OK, so you have to get to the next area, but the door is locked'. Im sure with a few people to bounce ideas off of, this would happen WAY less, but the truth is EVERY area that I create starts off with that basic design. The trick is to try and train your brain to get out of the habit of 'The Locked Door', and try to find other obstacles for your character to circumvent. Walking Around The Door

A new update of Visionaire is available. I cant stress how awesome this engine is. If you are developing an Adventure Game, look no further! Plus the developers are really active, and will add in any features you come up with. Get it while its hot! -Chris

Here is a shot of a part of the infirmary. Dont wanna give away to much.. ;) I also occasionally get an itch to do something else. I LOVE the Fallout series of games, and really was pretty disappointed that Fallout 3 was ditching the Isometric camera. I would have loved to see another Fallout game, keeping the Isometric angle, so played around with my own version. This is my take on a night time shot, where a travelor comes across a 'reclaimed' air force cargo plane. Just something to get the creative juices going. ;) -Chris

I was lucky enough to have a preview of STASIS in the IGM Magazine a few months ago. Here is a copy of the article. ;) A very big thanks to David Bruggink for the opportunity! IGM - Stasis Preview DOWNLOAD ME. Here is the unedited interview. Some info has changed since this, but it does give some nice incite into the game. . What are some of the inspirations behind Stasis? . The discovery of the Space Jockey in the original ALIEN film served as the first seed for Stasis. The feeling of forboding