A few Consructs.

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I havent had a massive amount of time to work on STASIS this past week-but did take a moment to create some new CONSTRUCTS for the levels. These are essentially genertic building blocks, which I use to ‘flesh out’ the game levels. Most of these CONSTRUCTS are really generic components. Pipes, wall pieces, furniture, computer consols. So while each screen still has a massive amount of custom modeling (each room has completely unique ‘stuff’ in it), having a library of these items really helps.

I use a library asset management system inside MAX, which has each CONSTRUCT labled under its room type. Medical, Corridor, Hero, Dead Bodies, Military, etc. These ones here are just a few randoms to show you. 🙂

I do have a blog post planned where Ill go a little more indepth into how I create these, and how I put everything into the engine.



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