Train Crash


The past week has been VERY exciting for me. Ill admit, I was stuck. Call it writers block, artistic burnout, or just plain ‘middle of the year’ depression, but I found I was constantly circling the same areas of the game, affraid to move forward, because I knew that I just wasnt happy with where I was going.

But I did what any rational artist (ha!) does, and took a step back. The problem I saw was that I was basing so much of what I was trying to achieve through the pacing of films-a medium that I love. But the truth is that games arent films, and films arent games. They each run on a completely separate set of rules.

While a film can have a set 3 act structure, action points, highs and lows, turning point etc-a game doesn’t have that luxury. Now Im not talking about the story-but rather the pacing. I love slow movies. I love those times INBETWEEN the times that characters are doing things. The journey TO the Derelict in ALIEN. The conversations about how they are fortifying the base in ALIENS. The long speeches in Inglorious Basterds. But you cant have those moments in a game. A game, by its nature, needs to to DRIVE THE CHARACTER FORWARD. You always need an objective-even if the objective is finding out what that objective is.

Having that realization, I have jumbled about a whole lot of story elements in the game to make sure it flows better-and given the character CLEAR OBJECTIVES for each chapter in the game.

Alternatively now, the game has 15, shorter chapters, instead of 6 longer ones. Overall game play time isnt effected-but the game just feels…better. Its hard to explain without you guys actually playing the game-but believe me, this is a good thing!


And here is a treat for all you faithful blog followers, who are here for the candy, and not my ramblings. 😉 The one is a shot of the Rapid Transport System that I had on here a while ago-but its now completed. And the other is of STATION 1, with a tram that lost control, and ripped through the landing. You also get your first glimpse of Cayne Corporations logo…



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