No massive insite into the world of game-dev in this post, but I do have some candy for you. ;) The more observant will notice a few differences in this screenshot compared to others. The main one is the lack of Hyper Storage Device in the corner. I have streamlined the

Hey Guys, Unfortunately I havent had a massive amount of time to work on STASIS this past week-but did take a moment to create some new CONSTRUCTS for the levels. These are essentially genertic building blocks, which I use to 'flesh out' the game levels. Most of these CONSTRUCTS are really

GAMESĀ AREN'TĀ FILMS. The past week has been VERY exciting for me. Ill admit, I was stuck. Call it writers block, artistic burnout, or just plain 'middle of the year' depression, but I found I was constantly circling the same areas of the game, affraid to move forward, because I knew that I


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