OK, the title may be misleading! Something Im always on the lookout for are Design Documents of existing games. There is something cool about learning straight from the masters. Unfortunately, there are very few developers who release their design documents (and for good reason!). If you look around, you can find a few. The full documents of VAN BUREN (Fallout 3, before Bethesda) are available, which if you are building an RPG, you really cant get a better resource! The thing with these documents, is they show everything, from, level design-power ups, weapons, enemies and where to find them, what strategies the player should use, etc. But there are some 'poor mans' design documents available

Camp 731 is an area of the game that I have been working on quite extensively. Im not going to tell you guys just HOW it fits into the story-but it is there to provide an emotional anchor to the story-something I was getting worried that the game was lacking. STASIS is so much more than just a -sci fi space ship' game-I really cant wait for you guys to play it! . "I didn't realise they were people until one spoke to me. All he said was 'kill me'. So I did." -John Maracheck. 27 January. Camp 731 Liberation Squad.

I think that all artists really should take up photography. There is something hugely satisfying about composing a shot in camera, and being able to instantly see a result. Here are a few photos I took this weekend. I know its not STASIS related, but it is art related. ;) . -Chris