The Torn Airlock…

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! Our internet has been out of action at the office for a bit, and I have no internet connection at home (I know…so stone age! 😀 ).


But this lack of communication hasnt gone hand in hand with a lack of work! I have completed the first chapter of the game. Yay! All puzzle implimentation, comments, voice, item descriptions, sounds, music triggers….and I can tell you, its pretty damned cool.


Something I have added for the benifit of ‘flow’ is an extra screen depicting a torn airlock opening. The original idea was to have Maracheck float up to an airlock, and override it….but the ‘EVA WALK’ sequence is just to cool to not extend.

So what I added was a screen that shows an escape shuttle, that has ripped away from an airlock passage to soon. This tearing away more than likely decompressed the ship, but more importantly left a tear for Maracheck to get into the derelict ship…

There is an awesome sequence where you enter the decompressed shuttle, and have to….well, I dont want to give to much away!



I have quite a few updates in the pipeline, and some cool articles I’ve written that are more focused on my misadventures in game design. 😀



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