Cinematic: The Groomlake

Ah, the slow spaceship reveal. Every epic Sci Fi needs one!

Here are some shots from the (unfinished) intro cinematic. Just thought you guys would like to get a look at the place nightmares are made real.

I was inspired by the miniatures from my favorite film, Aliens, aswell as the ship design of The Event Horizon – which I think its the coolest ship EVER.

Something I thought was pretty cool was the idea that the skin of the ship isn’t nessearily refined metal, but rather some sort of mined asteroid slate.  It has the properties of metal sheets, but also has a slight ‘organic’ quality to it. Not really story specific, but just something that came about while modeling this bad boy.

Im trying to get that ‘filmed model’ feel to the ship, degrading the image a little…adding in some nice noise and grain, and grading it a sickly green instead of the ‘usual’ space blue.

Scale wise, its pretty difficult to tell without a point of reference. The final scene will have The Hawking, giving you a sense of the massive scale of the ship. The main ‘shaft’ of the ship holds everything, from crew quarters to medical labs. The ‘front’ of the ship is all operations and refinement and recycling. The mid dock (where the two Egyptian looking crest things are) is the docking bay, with everything behind that housing the engines. Percentage wise, the engines are probably about 30% of the ship.

Otheriwse, I just wanted to design something that looks cool…and I think it looks pretty. 🙂



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