If I was going to design…

I was feeling a little ‘bogged down’ with the space ship stuff, so decided that every now and then, I am going to throw together one of these.

Inspired by the obvious (Blade Runner), I thought what it would look like if I was going to design a Sci-Fi Noir style adventure game. I love the old buildings, and neon lights that made Blade Runner so atmospheric.

I have always loved the idea of layered cities. Cities with levels that are only accessed from catwalks, elevators, any flying cars.

Just to reiterate, this isnt a screen from STASIS! This is just a ‘what if’ thing I put together quickly, as a break from space ships. 😉 If you guys have any other scenarios you think would look cool with the ‘iso’ treatment, either drop me an email, or leave a comment.


EDIT: My brother suggested that I work this into STASIS’s intro sequences. Originally I was going to do the cinematic sequences as a more classic ‘movie’ type of thing-but perhaps having the cutscenes also play out in ISOMETRIC could be pretty cool….


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