Here are two tracks I've completes for STASIS. I've tried to 'mimic' the feel of the Sound Tracks of awesome 80's sci-fi movies, specifically referencing ALIENS (which is my favorite movie of all time. :D ) These tracks will be played VERY faintly in the background, with some of them coming more to the foreground when needed. I'm still doing tests with having there be 'constantly' music in the backgrounds, vs ambient noise, with music sporadically throughout the game. I'm thinking the latter is a better idea

I have a confesion to make. I dont really play games. Shocking for someone who is making them! The last game I actually complected was FALLOUT 3-and that was a while ago! But recently, the blame for the lack of updates falls squarly on the shoulders of DeadSpace 2. Making a game that has its roots in the sci-fi-horror genre, I couldnt resist getting into the boots of Isaac Clarke, and going to kick some necro ass. But there are other reasons for my delve into The Sprawl. I wanted to see just HOW they did it. When you start developing your own game, and come across major pitfalls and barriers, it only makes sense to take a look at how others have tackled the same issues you have. Now Dead Space certainly isnt an Adventure Game, and apart from the setting of 'spaceship where something has gone wrong', shares very little DNA with Stasis-but there is still a ton to learn from it, and translate into Stasis. Something quite interesting is how they tackled travel. How do you make a game world 'feel' big, when in all honesty the actual levels are probably no bigger (if taken to a real world scale)

I was feeling a little 'bogged down' with the space ship stuff, so decided that every now and then, I am going to throw together one of these. Inspired by the obvious (Blade Runner), I thought what it would look like if I was going to design a Sci-Fi Noir style adventure game. I love the old buildings, and neon lights that made Blade Runner so atmospheric. I have always loved the idea of layered cities. Cities with levels that are only accessed from catwalks, elevators, any flying cars. Just to reiterate, this isnt a screen from STASIS! This is just a 'what if' thing I put together quickly, as a break from space ships. ;) If you guys have any other scenarios you think would look cool with the 'iso' treatment, either drop me an email, or leave a comment. -Chris EDIT: My brother suggested that I work this into STASIS's intro sequences. Originally I was going to do the cinematic sequences as a more classic 'movie' type of thing-but perhaps having the cutscenes also play out in ISOMETRIC could be pretty cool