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I have been busy at work on STASIS, but predominantly on the boring backend stuff! So no shiney new screenshots of videos just yet… ūüėČ

That said, I thought I would go through a few of my ideas with regards to the design theory of the games aesthetic.

I have divided up the ‘feel’ of STASIS into 3 distinct groups, MILITARY, INDUSTRIAL, and MEDICAL.


When approaching the technology design in STASIS, I am really balancing ‘cool’ vs ‘functional.’ In the back of my mind, when designing anything, is the knowledge that this is a¬†military¬†installation. Ill often do research on certain aspects of military technology. One of the things that constantly pops up in my research, is just how out of date military technology tends to be. Helicopters that were designed before the Vietnam war are still in operational use. Many of the current day Aircraft Carriers were¬†commissioned¬†in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Most of us don’t even have cars that are that old!

Military technology also has a hard edge to it. Things tend to be thicker…bulkier. As such, I have tried to carry that over into the design of the military aspects of The Groomlake. You¬†aren’t¬†going to find slim and sexy glass screens here…it is a deep space ship that has been designed to be as maintenance free as possible….designed to be out in action for months, even years at a time without having to be refitted.


In the middle of this vast military complex, filled with aging¬†technology¬†is the absolute height of research and development….medical technology. The Groomlake is one of the most advanced medical research facilities ever constructed. If you look at the current medical devices coming to the market, many of them¬†wouldn’t¬†feel out of place on a Star Trek set.

I really love the idea of having this slick, futuristic, sterile equipment being paired up against the hard, heavy military equipment. Having that juxtaposition I think will really give the medical side of the design quite a disturbing edge to it. Like its just..out of place.


The industrial parts of the design really make up the bulk of the structure. So while certain areas will be predominantly military, or medical, they will all be based on the INDUSTRIAL structure.

I have been heavily inspired by the Event Horizon. It really is one of the best Sci-Fi ship designs, and the gothic feel of it has very much bled into the design of certain areas of the Groomlake. The idea is to take those¬†Gothic¬†features, but not make them overtly ‘ornate’. If you take a look at The Arrivals Hall, you will see large curves arches, and different levels that are very similar to a¬†cathedral….but hopefully without shouting out ‘THIS IS A¬†CATHEDRAL!’.

Old factories, train stations, and subways also make up a basis for the inspiration of the industrial areas of the ship.


Something that I want to add is a sence of believablility to some of the more ‘fantastic’ elements. One of them is holograms. Holograms just kick ass-and, along with things that hover, holograms should be in every Sci-Fi game, movie, book, or comic. BUT finding a new way to pacage an existing idea is always tempting. A friend of mine posted something on her FACEBOOK page:


For those to lazy to clikc the link (you know who you are!), they are pieces of art done by a chinese artsit named Xia Xiaowan. What he does is paint different slices of a 3D image on panes of glass, and when they are stacked together they form a very unusual effect. Now I think that, instead of having ‘normal’ holograms, using something like this could create a very neat looking, and realistic hologram effect. What you guys think?


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