Decontamination and XRay walls.


I remember watching a documentry on how they created the XRay wall in TOTAL RECALL…one of the best sci fi films ever made. That little bit of wizardry has become a reality nowadays, with XRay scanners set to be common place in airports around the world.

When Maracheck enters the decontamination area, he is obviously not very clean, and possibly contains quite a few items that could be regarded as weapons by the automated security systems. Naturally (with his amazing luck and all…) he hits a dead end, with a quarantine lock down taking place. You didn’t think that it was possible to just walk into a military installation unimpeded did you?

In thinking of a way to make the lockdown quite interesting, I of course went to my main source of inspiration…movies!  With a bit of tweaking, I eventually got the XRay scaner working in the game.

This is not the last time you will encounter scanners like this-and they will be useful for quite a bit more than ‘look…skeletons!’.


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