by brotherhood | December 8th, 2021

Chris recently took part in a Rokoko showcase competition.

We are using a Rokoko suit for the motion capture of cinematics in STASIS 2.

Motion capture is the process of making human (and sometimes animal) motion digital. With the help of optical sensors or markers, the motion data is transmitted from an actor to a computer. Here, the captured motion data is used for animating 2D or 3D models. In game dev and filmmaking, motion capture is an unparalleled method for making animated characters move more realistically. Compared to code based animation, it is also superior in terms of speed and accuracy.

We have also been learning the film making tools in Unreal.

What you see in this short animation is captured at 4k and edited in Unreal in real-time, which means no rendering time at all! This will allow us much more flexibility in producing quality pre-rendered cut scenes for our games.