by brotherhood | September 1st, 2021

I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe in these turbulent times.

Im excited to update you on the progress of STASIS 2 - BONE TOTEM!


Once weve decided on how the puzzle works, it can take several days to design and illustrate the associated scenes. A puzzle may span several large screens, so all of the rooms have to be planned and detailed concurrently to ensure that the puzzles and interactions will work. We also have to take into account that our puzzle solutions will often involve multiple characters in different areas. STASIS 2 features character switching like the classic adventure game, Day of the Tentacle.

Working with our 3D technician, Mark, who is a 40-year veteran architectural expert, made all the difference in BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. Structures actually worked as they would in real life (that is until Chris made them look post-apocalyptic). His work on the new STASIS game is fantastic and brings a real-world ‘this could exist?’ edge to the imagery.

Here are some elements for a yet-to-be-revealed part of the story.

Chris is working on the final chapter of Mac and Charlie and so the gameplay is heating up! We have connected most of the game environments together which means you can traverse from one side of the world to the other. Specific puzzle implementation (ie. puzzle code!) will only happen once all screens are completed.

We are trying to find a balance between the familiar world of STASIS and something new and interesting as you can see in these screenshots.


Nic has been hard at work implementing native gamepad control - a first for our games - which has not been an easy task, as the scope of reference for gamepad controlled point-and-click adventures is little to none. We considered the ‘virtual cursor’ method that would be easiest in so far as you have a cursor that the player can move with the gamepad. However, this seems like were losing a great opportunity to explore a different player interface mechanic. Our games have always been a disadvantage as compared to their 3D first-person counterparts, as we need to rely on the players other senses to form for immersion. The mouse control forms a disconnect whereas the gamepad is a direct control input of the character which could be interesting to explore. We also dont want to isolate our mouse-only players so it is a fine line to balance.

Bearing this in mind, we also have our limitations as essentially a two-man studio. We did it! You can now hot-swap the gamepad and mouse, and STASIS will play as per normal. The systems are also similar so it means less duplicated code to do the same tasks. This may make future console releases quicker and more seamless to our own internal development QA.


As you know, we pride ourselves on only working with the best. We have a surprise for you, but it shall only be revealed later. Its epic!


Daniel has been hacking away at the text descriptions in the world. Whereas we dedicated a month to write the descriptions in the previous STASIS game, Daniel has now spent the better part of the year writing and crafting each description. He is an immensely talented professional RPG writer and I am sure you will love his prose!


Please wishlist the game if you have not already. This is important for the Steam metrics when we launch.



We had the pleasure to chat about video games with Jay Taylor. If you would like to listen to us chat about game development on “The Sausage Factory”, please do so here: https://www.thebrotherhoodgames.com/studio/2021/08/09/game-design-beautiful-desolation-podcast/


Vice.com had a chat with us about BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION and you can read about the challenges of making this unusual game: https://www.vice.com/en/article/wx5nbz/how-to-make-a-video-game-while-rationing-water-and-amidst-rolling-blackouts


At long last we have shirts and hoodies for you to grab, visit: https://merch.thebrotherhoodgames.com/


If you havent checked out DESOLATION lately, we have updated it to B which now includes POLISH as an additional language option!



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Take care,

Chris & Nic